Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pandi Bulacan Photo Journal

24th June 2007

Jose Rizal Street looking towards the west, this road leads to Balagtas town.

Jose Rizal looking towards the east direction, this road if you will turn right will lead
to Sta Maria town.

Corner of Jose Rizal Street and Bernardo Street.

Looking towards the north, this road will lead to the barrios of Pandi : Masuso, Kakarong, Pulang Lupa, Siling Bata and to Angat town.

This road is leading towards the Church of Pandi, and to Sta Maria town.

Street leading to Pandi Town Hall or Municipio.

Pandi town hall / Municipio

Hulo of Barangay Poblacion.

Hulo going to Gulod.

This road is leading  to Barangay Balubaran, Pasong Kalabaw, Masuso, Kakarong and to Kupang.

Villa Manaog in Balubaran.

Villa Manaog in Barangay Balubaran

After leaving the Villa Concepcion Resort at Masuso we return to Poblacion Pandi and we passed the well-guarded farm of a well-known actor (he previously run as Senator during the last
When I was a young boy growing up, I used to climb duhat trees in this exact area where the actor bought this farm.
The Perimeter fence of the actor's farm in Brgy Balubaran, Pandi Bulacan.

Main gate of the actor's farm.

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