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Philippine-American War of 1899 - 1902 (Photos)

Notice :
The old historical photos posted here, I have personally copied from the Library of American Congress, University of Wisconsin's Digital collections, from other sources and the other photos were courtesy of SSC forumer “Animo” who religiously research, scanned and posted the photos in the Skyscrapercity Retrato series and other historical threads in SSC Forum.

On February 15, 1898 - The U.S.S. Maine explodes in Havana Harbor.
25 April 1898 - War was formally declared between Spain and the United States.

1 May 1898 - Opening with the famous quote "You may fire when you are ready, Gridley" U.S. Commodore George Dewey in six hours defeated the Spanish squadron, under Admiral Patricio Montojo y PasarĂ³n, in Manila Bay, the Philippines Islands.

18 May 1898 - U.S. President McKinley ordered a military expedition, headed by Major General Wesley Merritt, to complete the elimination of Spanish forces in the Philippines, to occupy the islands, and to provide security and order to the inhabitants.
25 May 1898 - First U.S. troops were sent from San Francisco to the Philippine Islands. Thomas McArthur Anderson (1836-1917) commanded the vanguard of the Philippine Expeditionary Force (Eighth Army Corps), which arrived at Cavite, Philippine Islands on June 1, 1898

12 June 1898 - Philippines proclaim independence.

14 June 1898McKinley administration decided not to return the Philippine Islands to Spain.

25 July 1898 - General Wesley Merritt, commander of Eighth Corps, U.S. Expeditionary Force, arrived in the Philippine Islands.

13 August 1898Spanish Manila falls to U.S. troops.

14 August 1898 - Spanish capitulation was signed at Manila and U.S. General Wesley Merritt established a military government in the city, with himself serving as first military governor.

4 February 1899 - The Philippine-American War began as the Philippine Republic declared war on the United States forces in the Philippine Islands, following the killing of three Filipino soldiers by U.S. forces in a suburb of Manila.


23 March 1901 - Emilio Aguinaldo the President of the First Republic was captured by American forces in Palanan Isabela in the Battle of Tirad Pass where the young general from Bulacan Gen. Gregorio del Pilar was killed while commanding the rear guard troops of the Filipino forces.

July 1902 - Philippine-American War ended in Luzon and the Visayan Region with more than 4,200 American soldiers, 20,000 Filipino soldiers and 200,000 Filipino civilians dead. While the
war continue in Mindanao and Sulu between the American troops and Muslims warriors.

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  1. Hi. Wonderful blog.

    I used one of your Pasig River photos for my article:

    Andres Bonifacio's Tagalog Nation & Predictions of Global WarmingJust letting you know (but I credited your blog). Thanks.

    Jesusa Bernardo

  2. This reminds me a lot of our history. Our ancestors draws a lot of blood for our freedom from the americans. But not to take anything away from them, they have one good thing left for us and that was the English Language

  3. I believe that the Americans actually fooled the Filipinos that they were supporting their quest for independence. The real intention was to get a foothold in a vast Asian market. Anyway, the late Pres. Quezon found out while fighting them that the Americans treated the Filipinos with respect and admiration as compared to the Spanish rulers who were unforgiving (from Quezon's autobiography).