Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kilometer Zero in Rizal Park, Manila

Kilometer Zero is the marker for measuring distances to places, towns, and provinces in the Philippines. In Manila it is located in Rizal Park or Luneta just infront of Rizal Monument. For Mindanao it is located in Marawi City.

If you are observant you may see in the Provincial Road and National Road a stone marker where it is written the name of town and number for Kilometer. The measurement for distances originatez from the Flagpole in front of Rizal Monument in Rizal Park (Luneta)in Manila.

There is a stone marker across the Roxas Boulevard from the Flagpole, which is marked KM 0 (Kilometer Zero.

Almost all countries has their own Kilometer Zero and it is usually found in the Nation Capital like Manila which is the Capital of the Philippines. KM Zero marker in Rizal Park is disignated for reckoning distances in Luzon and the rest of the Philippines. There is also a Kilometer Zero reference point marker located in Marawi City for Mindanao island.

In Rizal Park (popularly called "Luneta" and Bagumbayan during the Spanish era, the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was shot by firing squad of the Spanish Army's Maria Cristina Regiment composed of native soldiers and commanded by an Spanish officer. Dr Rizal was executed in Luneta on December 30, 1896.

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