Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dutch Choir "Afrika-Engakoor" and the Manila High School


After the Dutch Choir performed.

Final Canvassing of First Aid Kit at Bambang Street, together with Mrs. Normita Francisco, Ms Cleofe dela Rosa, my brother Pol Esber (MHS Batch 67), MHS students
Miss Jessa Cabral and Richard.

Buying the First Aid Kit at Bambang Streeet together with Mrs. Francisco, my brother Pol Esber, MHS students Jessa Cabral and Richard.

Distribution of First Aid Kit bought from the funds remitted by Annabel Auwerda from the Funds given by the Dutch Choir " Afrika Engakoor ".

Giving of financial assistance (Php 500.00 each) to selected most needy Manila High School students. These financial assistance was a part of the funds remitted by Annabel Auwerda from the Funds given by the Dutch Choir " Afrika Engakoor ".

The Demolished Manila High School's building at Muralla / Victoria Street in Intramuros.

Victoria-Muralla Sts. Intramuros, Manila
Telefax: 521-4199

17 January 2009


Dear Stakeholders:

It is inspiring for me to note of your kind-hearted assistance extended to our students. Marami salamat sa Dutch Choir “Afrika Engakoor”!

Allow me to share with you the blessings of hard work, perseverance, and passion to find ways and means in uplifting the condition of our school in general.

As veterans of hardship, pain, and series of challenges, our school administration, teachers, city officials, DepED officials, PTCA and other stakeholders are focused on alleviating our dear MANILA HIGH SCHOOL state of affairs for the welfare and benefits of our main-clients- the students.

Demolition of the North Wing building along Victoria Street is done and the good news is – through our humble representation in the Local School Board we were given Fifty Million Pesos (Php50,000,000.00) to start phase I of New Manila High School building in the area now on ground zero.

The architectural plan has already been made by then City Engineers Office-Manila which we have submitted to Intramuros Administration for approval pursuant to the provisions of PD 1616. We have also Fifteen Million Pesos (Php15,000,000.00) fund for the foundation awarded by DepED Central office ready for implementation by the Department of Public Works and Highways.

On Monday 19 – 21 January 2009, I’ll be attending a national conference on Principal-Led Building Program to make another representation for our school with the hope of securing additional fund for Manila High School. There are many more blessings to come. Trust on your incumbent Principal and his administration that with the assistance of other stakeholders, the challenges we have now will soon be things of the past.

Stay with us. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Very truly yours,


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  1. Dear Mr. Esber,
    Thank you so much for a very nice and complete report on the dutch Africa-EngaKoor funds project. Thanks also for all the work that you did to make this project a success.
    We will forward your report to the dutch Africa-Enga Choir members. I'm sure they will be delighted and surprised to see the results of their fundraising and the good work that is done. With your kind support and the assistance of those dedicated teachers, Mrs. Francisco and Ms. Obias this became such a success.
    Mr. Esber, your determination, perseverance and support is an inspiration for us all! Maraming Salamat Po.
    Alex Auwerda ( admin)