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Images of my voyages to Japan.

I joined a Philippine registered vessel last March 2nd 2009 till the 15th of June 2009 when she was sold to a Russian shipping company. I am posting here some selected photos of the sea and the ports of Japan where we loaded cargoes for the Philippines.

The Port of Nagoya is a major gateway to Japan's massive economic engine but it also is an integral multi-faceted part of Japan's fourth largest city. Its main business is cargo transportation, but its 4,100 hectares of land (and 8,300 hectares of water) also includes an Aquarium, and a floating Antarctic museum, both of which are at Garden Pier, as well as many other recreational facilities including a golf course, beach, and sport fishing area.

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The Osaka metropolitan area is a hub of the economic and industrial
activities of Japan. In Osaka, the world’s most advanced technologies and traditional
cultures flourish harmoniously. Prefectural ports, including Sakai-Semboku and Hannan,are linked to the vast Osaka metropolitan area by a superb traffic network, comprising such elements as the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Route and Sakai-Semboku Toll Road, thereby ensuring smooth and efficient cargo transportation to the Kansai
area and other parts of Japan.

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The Kanmon-kaikyo, the strait separating Honshu and Kyushu

Kanmon Kaikyo Marine Guide

Particular Navigation Rule in Kanmon Kaikyo.

After an exciting sailing west-bound in the Inland Sea of Japan (Bisan Seto) and
Kanmon Kaikyo (Kanmon Channel) we arrives in the small twin-town of Yawata-Tobata. We are quite happy in this town though we stayed here for only 24 hours, since we met and make friends with a pretty Nihongo-speaking Filipina who is married to a Japanese office worker. Her name is Maria and a resident of Tobata town for more than 10 years already. I called her Maria Yawata.

Part of Tobata ward faces the sea inlet or firth (Scottish English) called Dokai wan, and the surrounding outer sea is called Hibiki nada. The red-painted bridge between Tobata and Wakamatsu wards is called the Waka-To Ohashi (Great Bridge of Waka-To) and was the first suspension bridge in Asia, completed in 1963. On September 30, 2005 it passed into the control of Kitakyushu city.

A new tunnel is being constructed in 2005-8 between Tobata and Wakamatsu wards to link the Hibiki container terminal with Kokura.

Much of this ward, especially the part facing the open sea, is taken up by the Nippon Steel (Shin Nihon Seitetsu) foundries, blast furnaces, coaling docks etc. though the numbers employed there are greatly reduced since the heyday of steelmaking in the 1960s, from about 25,000 to 8,000 employees.,_Kitakyushu#History_and_Geography

The nice and pretty Maria Yawata.

Transiting Kanmon Kaikyo (strait) on east-bound voyage to Tokai.

One of our loading port is Tokai which is just nearby the City of Nagoya.

Kobe is one of the most beautiful ports in the world, with the lush green backdrop of the Rokko Mountains, and its deep water and mild climate throughout the year. The port of Kobe is an attractive destination as a gateway to the World Heritage Sites such as Kyoto, Nara and Himeji Castle and the scenic Seto Island Sea Cruises.

Kobe port is one of our loading port in Japan where we loaded used vehicles, containers, and general cargo for the Philippine port of Subic and Manila

Our ship while alongside the Rokko wharf in Kobe Port/

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Yokohama Port has ten major piers. Honmoku Pier is the port's core facility with 24 berths.[1] Osanbashi Pier handles passenger traffic including cruises, and has customs, immigration and quarantine facilities for international travel Detamachi, the "banana pier," is outfitted for receiving fresh fruits and vegetables.Daikoku Pier, on an artificial island measuring 321 hectares, houses a million square meters of warehouse space. Seven berths of Mizuho Pier are used by the United States Forces Japan. Additional piers handle timber and serve other functions.

My previous ship usually dock at the Daikoku Pier where we loaded used vehicles, containers, and general cargo for the Philippine ports of Subic and Manila.

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