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Pasig River Ferry - from Plaza Mexico in Intramuros to Guadalupe, Makati City

The Pasig River is a river in the Philippines and connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay. It stretches for 25 kilometres (15.5 mi) and divides Metro Manila into two. Its major tributaries are the Marikina River and San Juan River.

The Pasig River is technically a tidal estuary in that the flow direction depends upon the water level difference between Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay. During the dry season, the water level in Laguna de Bay is low and the flow direction of the Pasig River depends on the tides. During the wet season, when the water level of Laguna de Bay is high, flow is normally from Laguna de Bay towards Manila Bay.

The Pasig River used to be an important transport route in Spanish Manila. However, due to negligence and industrial development, the river has become very polluted and is considered dead (unable to sustain life) by ecologists.

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) was established to oversee rehabilitation efforts for the river. Supporting the PRRC are private sector organizations i.e. Clean and Green Foundation, Inc. who implemented the Piso para sa Pasig (Filipino: A peso for the Pasig) campaign.

Two days ago last 17th February I embarked on a River trip aboard a Pasig River Ferry to last Ferry station of Nagpayong which is just a few kilometers from Laguna de Bay. I found the river better and improving compared to previous years and last year when I also go on a River Tour of Pasig River. Pasig River coming back to life.

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Escolta Ferry boat station in Binondo near the foot of Jones Bridge.

Jones Bridge,linking Binondo and Ermita district.

Quezon Bridge (Linking Quiapo and Ermita)

Please note that owing to strict security in the Malacanang Palace's area in the Pasig River, taking photos from Ayala Bridge to Pureza Ferry station is prohibited.
Likewise boat passenger is not allowed in the Bow and stern of the boat till the mentioned area is clear.

Padre Zamora (Pandacan) Bridge between Pandacan and Santa Mesa, which also carries the southern line of the Philippine National Railways (PNR

Barangay Valenzuela, Makati City

Guadalupe, Makati City

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Photos of Pasig River during the Spanish and / or American colonial era.

Ayala Bridge

Bridge of Spain - Jones Bridge

Statues in Jones Bridge before the 2nd World War.

Malacanang Palace during the Spanish or American era

Malacanang Palace

Vicinity of Intramuros in Pasig River

Pasig River in Manila during the early 1900s.

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Pasig River Ferry - from Guadalupe, Makati City to Barangay Nagpayong, Taguig and return trip to Guadalupe, Makati

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