Friday, January 8, 2010

EDSA from North Avenue to Monumento, and the LRT 1 North Extension Project.

The LRT Line 1 North Extension Project - Linking LRT 1 to MRT 3

The Project involves the construction of a 5.7-km. elevated line seamlessly from Monumento Station of Line 1 to North Avenue Station of Line 3, with three (3) new stations namely: Balintawak, Roosevelt and a Common Station in front of SM Annex North EDSA plus Malvar Station in Caloocan City.

Below were the photos I have taken of the LRT Morth Extension Project at EDSA, in between North Avenue in Quezon City and North Avenue in Quezon City. Photos taken last 7th January 2010.

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  1. Hello.. :)

    Is MRT-Monumento station already operational?
    I live from Makati, and I have a new work in Gotesco Monumento..
    I'm planning to ride the MRT from Guadalupe station to Monumento, ifever its already working. But if not, can you help me find other routes?

  2. MRT3 (running the length of EDSA) is not designed to extend it's services up to Monumento, it will remain up to North Avenue Station.

    However LRT 1 the "Yellow Line" (running the length of Taft Avenue and Rizal Avenue) is planned to reach till North Avenue. However only the Balintawak Station is operational at this time while the Munoz Station may be operational about November 2010.
    It is still unclear when the LRT 1 will extend it's services up to North Avenue Station, though it's rail line is already completed.

  3. I suggest you use the alternative routes as follow:
    1. Take MRT 3 from Guadalupe Station up to MRT 3
    Taft Avenue Station.
    2. At EDSA Taft Avenue of MRT 3 proceed to LRT 1
    Station and take the LRT 1 train to Monumento.
    This route is faster and cheaper than riding
    a bus for Monumento.