Thursday, October 22, 2009

Images during the American colonial era.

Notice :
The old historical photos posted here, I have personally copied from the Library of American Congress, University of Wisconsin's Digital collections, from other sources and the other photos were courtesy of SSC forumer “Animo” who religiously research, scanned and posted the photos in the Skyscrapercity Retrato series and other historical threads in SSC Forum

Ayuntamiento, Intramuros Manila before the 2nd World War.

Paseo de Luneta, Manila

Boats and people along waterfront, 1907.

Calle Rosario, Binondo Manila, 1926

Infantry Combat Team

PMA Baguio, 1938

Funerals at Echague, Isabela

Queen's canal, Sta Cruz Manila, 1926

Filipinas weaving cloth, 1907

Calle Real, Cavite

You may use the pictures in this blog under an Attribution License.Should you publish or otherwise reproduce for distribution the pictures found here in digital or printed form you must place a link to this blog or indicate the URL of this blog in your publication.

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